Appointment Prep + Aftercare

24 Hours Before Your Appointment

Shave + Wax | Wax at least 1-2 full days before your appointment + Shave with a new razor 

Exfoliate | We recommend using one of our specially made exfoliating mitts with a spray tan safe body scrub to remove all dead skin and any left over sunless tan.

Soaps | Avoid using any bar soaps or cream based body washes (including Dove!). These products will leave a residue on the skin acting as a barrier to your sunless tan. 

Do not apply any products: | This includes lotions, deodorants, perfumes, body oils, etc. These products can prevent your spray tan from developing properly. 

The Day of Your Appointment

Clothing | Bring or wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to your service. We recommend the baggiest clothes you can find! Any tight clothing put on directly after your spray can mess up the tan or prevent it from developing properly. We do have disposable sandals for your use if needed. Bronzer transfer can happen to light colored items, but it is water-based so it should wash right out!

Immediately After

Do not get wet or sweat until after your initial rinse | Any contact with water or any liquid can smudge or stop the tan from developing in that area. If you do accidentally get a drop of water or your pets tongue comes into contact with you, no worries, take a dry, stiff makeup brush and blend out that area. Most likely it's just the bronzer that was messed up and your tan should still develop fine. 

Don't Touch Your Body | Since we cleaned off the palms of your hands at your service, try not to rest your hands directly onto your body. The spray tan solution can turn the palms of your hands tan, which isn't cute!  

Rinse | At your specified shower time, take a 3-5 minute lukewarm, WATER ONLY, rinse in the shower. You will see the cosmetic bronzer start to run off. Rinse until your water runs clear and then get out and pat dry with a towel. 

        *Express Tan: Rinse in 1-2 Hours depending on what your technician recommends

        *Rapid Tan: Rinse in 2-4 Hours depending on what your technician recommends

        *Classic Tan: Rinse in 8-10 hours after your appointment

Moisturize | Wait at least 12 hours before you start to moisturize your tan. The tan can take a full 8-24 hours to completely develop. 


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize | We recommend to moisturize with a SPRAY TAN SAFE LOTION at least morning and night. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer your tan will last and the more even it will fade. If you allow your skin to dry out, you will start to see a cracking appearance from the tan (that snakeskin look!). When your skin dries out, so will your tan. 

Avoid Swimming, Hot Showers, Long Baths, etc. | Anything that naturally exfoliates your skin, will do the same with your tan. We recommend purchasing a tan extender for best results when traveling. 

Avoid products that exfoliate your skin | Until you are ready to remove your spray tan, avoid products like body scrubs, loofahs and wash-cloths. These items will exfoliate your tan away. 

Use Sunscreen | Spray tans do not protect you from UV exposure. Please be sure to use a spray tan safe sunscreen while you have your tan.