Frequently Asked Questions

How does LED Teeth Whitening work?

The professional whitening gel absorbs the LED light energy, which photo-chemically "excites" the peroxide molecules into breaking down faster. It provides "activating energy" that speeds up and improves the performance of whitening.   The Blue LED light activates the professional whitening gel upon contact to provide visible results in just under 60 minutes.

Is the LED Teeth Whitening safe for sensitive teeth?

Expect little to no sensitivity after treatment; our gel was formulated with sensitive teeth in mind. It’s safe on enamel, protects gums, causes little to no sensitivity, and is a registered natural health product. A very small percentage of people will have minor discomfort in their mouth and this normally dissipates within 30 minutes.

How long does the LED Teeth Whitening take?

Your initial LED Teeth Whitening session is scheduled for 60-minutes. This will include set-up, clean-up and your actual treatment time. Your touch-up services include a 20-25 minute teeth whitening service.

How long will my results last?

The majority of our clients see results that last up to 6-12 months, once they reach their desired whitening level. This number will all depend on your lifestyle and the intake of staining food, drinks and other products. 

What can I expect from my LED Teeth Whitening service?

When you first come in for your appointment, you will be asked to brush your teeth before we get started. You will also be set up in one of our private recliners and given access to Netflix to choose a show to watch for the duration of your appointment. Your technician will assist you and get the whitening gel applied and ensure you are comfortable during your appointment. You will be given goggles that will block the bright blue LED light. Your technician will step out, turn off the lights and let you relax. Don't worry, we will be sure to check on you throughout your appointment. 

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